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We held a Congregational Meeting back in May and received several questions from our congregation on our potentional Building Expansion Project.  Below are the questions that we received with the answers that our Building Committee as well as our Board of Elders have approved for you.

Our Board of Elders has asked for you, our Church Family, to be in prayer for this project.  To be in prayer for our Board of Elders to make a God-honoring decision.  To be in prayer for our Church Family as it pertains to this project.  Our next Board of Elders meeting is in August and the Building Expansion Project is on the agenda to discuss and decide what next steps look like for us as a congregation.

See below for the questions and answers.  If you would like further clarification or have other questions please send them to

  • Slave Lake layout?

The Building Committee has worked thoroughly with a number of resources at their disposal to ensure that they layout and subsequent plan is well laid out for both use of space and efficiencies of flow.

  • Can we build without debt?

There are a couple of ways that we can build without debt if we are to move forward.  The first is this, we build until our cashflow is gone and then raise more and follow the same pattern.  The second is this, we receive all the money in as cash before we put shovels in the ground to start the build.  Both would have pros and cons to the approach but are options nevertheless.

  • Will the building include a church hall?

There is a church hall included in the expansion project plans.

  • As the ministerial of Westlock meets – has the Gospel Chapel found increased opportunities in the community, other than Awana after their building expansion?

The Gospel Chapel saw an increase in their Awana attendance in that time, since Covid-19 that attendance has dipped due to restrictions and comfort levels for participants.  We can’t speak to the increase in opportunities within the community as we do not know fully the focus of the church during that time.

  • Should we wait 6 months and see if we pull in more people after VBS/soccer and hopefully done with COVID after effects?

This is always an option to continue to wait.  It is unusual for new people in a church to fund a project like this.  It typically takes some time for people to become accustomed to a church and decide if it is a place that they wish to invest their money into.

  • Is it feasible to go ahead at this time to spend all this money while things are so hard?

This is something that we are continually wrestling with as we move towards this project. 

  • So most of the renovations is for main ground level.  The downstairs will not be enlarged, just to make rooms with what’s already present?

At this point, the entirety of the expansion would be for main ground level use.  The downstairs at this time will not be enlarged to create more space.  The current kitchen in the basement would become another classroom. 

  • Will we at least pave the handicap area if nothing else?

This is a great thought that we did not necessarily think of.  It is definitely something for us to consider as we may move forward.  We will certainly do our due diligence to ensure that accessibility to the building is at the forefront of what we are doing.

  • How big will be the dining area?

Our current dimensions for the dining area would be a 58’ x 50’ area.