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Hey dear Westlock Alliance Church friends! We've been here on the Africa Mercy for just over a month. We're preparing for the field service in Senegal which is set to begin in February. We'd love to connect with you, so we are going to visit you at an upcoming prayer meeting...the only problem is that prayer meeting for us is 2 o clock in the morning. So we're going to try the next best thing. We are going to put together a video about what we are experiencing here on the Africa Mercy. We need your help though. We want you to submit questions about what you are wondering about, what interests you about what we are doing, how things work on the ship, the logistics of the ship, how we are feeling etc. You can respond in the comment section for this post, or you can email us at . If you have friends that you know are not on facebook, please help them out by letting them know that we want to hear their questions and also by submitting their questions to us on their behalf. We look forward to reading all of your responses and connecting with all of you in that way!