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There are many ways that you can give financially at Westlock Alliance Church. We want to thank you in advance for your generous support in helping to impact and change lives in Westlock.

Sunday Mornings
If you attend our services in person we have a black box in the foyer where you can place your offering before or after the service. You can give by cheque, cash, or by using the debit machine in the foyer right next to the offering box.

Our mailing address is 9607 100 Street, Westlock, AB, T7P 1Y1 (Please do not send cash through the mail, only cheques)

CLICK HERE to give via our online Pushpay option.

Using online or mobile banking through a participating financial institution, you can send an Interac e-Transfer.  Please send your e-Transfer to (Westlock Alliance is set up as an automatic deposit so there is no need to enter a security code)

* Please use the message box to indicate if you want to designate your donation to a specific fund (Local, Global Advance, Building, or Special Projects; The message box will not allow characters like #,$,or @). If not indicated, all donations will be applied to the local church fund.

** If you are donating towards our building expansion as part of your 3 year pledge, this needs to be clearly marked in the message box, and preferrably sent as a separate transaction (as this makes it easier for tracking)


Where you can designate your giving to:

Local Church - Westlock Alliance Church general expenses

Building Fund -  Room to Grow Campaign for our building expansion

Global Advance Fund - C&MA ministry in Canada + abroad

New Ventures Fund - C&MA partnerships in Canada

Other - please specify another designation you would like your donation to go towards (benevolent gift; a specific international worker's project; etc)


DISCLAIMER: When you make a monetary donation to Westlock Alliance Church, you are authorizing Westlock Alliance Church to use the designated funds for other church programs, if the program or project for which the enclosed gift is designated has been fully funded, or if the Elders Board in its sole discretion decides that the program or project for which the funds are designated will not be carried out.  If you have any questions, please speak to Pastor Adam or an Elder.