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If you have popped by the office recently you will have meet our new Office Administrator, Sarin Lawrence!!

Our Church Office Hours have now been officially set as Mon-Thurs 9am-4pm (closed noon-1pm for lunch). 

Sarin and her husband have been living and raising their family in the Dapp/Westlock Community for the last 17 years.   If you ask Sarin's kids what makes Mom unique, they will likely say that she randomly bursts out into bits of song.  She would tell her kids this is her soul's way of remaining joyful and light-hearted - letting her hope in Jesus keep bubbling up to either express that moment's happiness, or to quiet any worry, weariness, or sorrow wanting to do the talking instead.  

Sarin was transplanted west almost three decades ago, and in the prairie's fertile soil, her roots have grown deep. The land of big skies and wide-open spaces were a call to adventure, but first and most especially it was the people who welcomed her here and made her feel like family that captured her heart.  Sarin now considers herself an Alberta girl and loves its small town rural life with its many opportunities for meaningful connection.   

Sarin is excited to join the staff at WAC in serving and supporting their faith community as they care for each other and for the people of Westlock.  She is passionate about others and seeing the Body of Christ working together to spread the love of Jesus everywhere! The changing power of the truth, mercy, and grace of the Gospel Message is her heart, where brokenness is only a starting point and the hurt of being human never has to be the sum of our story. Hope on...!